Reviews for "PIANOID"

A really nice, and funny movie. My favorite part is at when the credits roll, you'll see why.

Really nice animation.
A great funny story.

Pee-annoyed is a gr8 movie, i r8 8/8 m8.

Poor lad wishes he was Haywyre, it would seem. Another great piece appears to have been added to your arsenal. The storytelling was wonderfully fluid while remaining compartmentalized and iterative.

I've always enjoyed animations that rely on minimal language to convey anything of consequence and this definitely succeeded.

A-also... I-i-if you could get me backstage passes to see Pianobunny live, I would be greatly indebted.

Keep creating. Love the random titties and the weirdness.

floozthesnooz responds:

aww thanks! Thahaha don't wanna know what you wanna do with Pianobunny backstage tho xD <3

greetings you killed yourself

I feel like the rabbit had it coming