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Reviews for "{Blaze}"

You weren't kidding...

When you said that fans of Rose would like this, you were not kidding. I loved this one. Vert harmonic melody about half-way through as well. Keep it up! You are #1 in Orchestral Trance no question.


cornandbeans responds:


Thanks! It's an honor. :D

Very suiting title. Amazingly fast

I'm not sure where to start. It's not so much the speed that impressed me as opposed to the fact that you still managed to hold together a great melody throughout the entirety of the track. Also, I like the brief slow-down in the middle. This was absolutely fantastic.

cornandbeans responds:

:D yay!

Thanks, it took a lot of effort making all this work.

o wow.

its your orchestral sexiness mixed with hard trance pwnage.
jeeeeesus this is a good one.
not quite as layered as seasons, but yeah.lol.
oooo piano.
bass seems a touch bit weak though.

5d and dled

cornandbeans responds:

Yea, I need to work on my equalizing a bit. Other than that, I'm really glad you liked it. I'm a junkie for those orchestral sounds. :P


Nice, it is soo fast paced, thats what makes it enojoyable. Nice mix of sounds combined with a very fast and thus great tempo. This is a keeper!

cornandbeans responds:



thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :) I've tried using Dragonforce as inspiration sometimes. ;P

great work!

Well, I'll start off by saying that the start was a great way to intro a song. And it felt that right after :39, the song could go anywhere. Which is a good way to leave people wondering whats next. It could of went the DnB way, and I'll tell you this, I already could picture the perfect bass right after that mark.

Around 1:35 was a good breakdown. Had a nice melodic feel to it. If you could of supported it with some epic pads and a stronger string, it could of had a bigger impact on me, but nonetheless it was a good moment for the song. I must say, I'm not a fan of the fast paced music, where basically no one can dance to it, but this gave me some good ideas for a new songs, especially that end. Wish you would of extended that part a bit.

Anyways, fantastic song!


cornandbeans responds:

hahaha, yea. It really isn't meant for dancing I guess. :P

Perhaps moshing... or thrashing...


Yea I mainly focused on the "epic" sound rather than the dancey sound. Either way, thanks for another in-depth review!