Reviews for "{Blaze}"

o wow.

its your orchestral sexiness mixed with hard trance pwnage.
jeeeeesus this is a good one.
not quite as layered as seasons, but yeah.lol.
oooo piano.
bass seems a touch bit weak though.

5d and dled

cornandbeans responds:

Yea, I need to work on my equalizing a bit. Other than that, I'm really glad you liked it. I'm a junkie for those orchestral sounds. :P


Nice, it is soo fast paced, thats what makes it enojoyable. Nice mix of sounds combined with a very fast and thus great tempo. This is a keeper!

cornandbeans responds:



thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :) I've tried using Dragonforce as inspiration sometimes. ;P

great work!

Well, I'll start off by saying that the start was a great way to intro a song. And it felt that right after :39, the song could go anywhere. Which is a good way to leave people wondering whats next. It could of went the DnB way, and I'll tell you this, I already could picture the perfect bass right after that mark.

Around 1:35 was a good breakdown. Had a nice melodic feel to it. If you could of supported it with some epic pads and a stronger string, it could of had a bigger impact on me, but nonetheless it was a good moment for the song. I must say, I'm not a fan of the fast paced music, where basically no one can dance to it, but this gave me some good ideas for a new songs, especially that end. Wish you would of extended that part a bit.

Anyways, fantastic song!


cornandbeans responds:

hahaha, yea. It really isn't meant for dancing I guess. :P

Perhaps moshing... or thrashing...


Yea I mainly focused on the "epic" sound rather than the dancey sound. Either way, thanks for another in-depth review!



lol, parts of this sound like a midi rip of rose. i like this one better.


cornandbeans responds:


yea they sounds pretty close, don't they? At least for the first solo. heh.

ty matey

Nice song

I also like the title of this song, it resembles my name.

cornandbeans responds:

haha, yea. :P

Thanks, glad you liked it. :D