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Reviews for "{Blaze}"

Score 9

i love the piano part, it's so sad and epic at the same time

i remmeber somone said this was the fastest ______

They ever heard... and i have to tell you... This is the fastest shet i ever heard lol did you know that if you do it fast enough it gives precise notes like as soon as you change a note you will clearly be able to hear that note.


Drunken Masters. I heard this music in that game. Are you the one who made it? because either drunken masters ripped it off from you or you ripped it off from them. Or did you give them permission? Lol I don't know, it's a ten.


So, The song sets you up for a kind of slow beginning, but you know somethings up. Then the music all of a sudden takes a GIANT speed up! It is heaven for the ears! But you don't you just keep it there, you bring it low, keeping the speed. Then the Violin appears. And the Piano appears. And I am sitting here wondering why you have not won and award yet.
Wow, for being speechless, I sure went on a rant!

ZOMG?! The New Dimrain!

If not, you are pretty damn close. This is the best techno song I've heard since Dimrain47 :D