Reviews for "{Blaze}"

Faster!... on second thought...

great speed. the instrumentals are very nicely placed. As i listen to this song it just fascinates me on how brilliant it is. Perfection has a name and thats blaze


As my other reviews have indicated, I am a huge fan of your work. I feel that you have extraordinary talent and that any thought of you stopping in the music producing hobby should be exiled from your mind.

Byism aside, this song has captivated me once again in musical wonderment.

Keep up the brilliant work,


its amazing im alowed to somuch as review this masterpiece! i must say this is exactly the type of music i was wanting to find when i joined this site! great job and keep it up!


is great...
the rhythm is dam amazing...
is very fast...
and I really enjoy it...
*marked as favorite*

What's the word...ah yes...INSANITY!

This music track rocks my socks!It is also one of the many music tracks that I play on Flashflashrevolution.com