Reviews for "{Blaze}"

:O Beautiful.

The only techno song I actually like. Sounds like a legendary Pokemon theme. :P

Techno composers should learn from this song.

OMFGWTFBBQ.... Yeah.... Really....

Simply dude, I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this song, and for two years.
Found this by accident.

But Honestly, you beat almost every other trance artist with this song alone, also I liked your songs in Castle Crashers no doubt, but this one just.... yeah.


This is krazy dude......

all hail cornandbeans...

KING OF THE AUDIO PORTAL!, srsly dude... i would pay more than i did for MW2 (straight after it came out in store) to hear all of your stuff on a CD... but its here for free? your goin straight to the pearly gates for this :D


...what do you mean exactly? Like Blaze the Cat from Sonic The Hedgehog? Or a different "Blaze"?