Reviews for "People's Committee of Game Development"

You are right @Zerio920 , ecspecially because this was made in only on week for the blackthornprod gamejam. I also participated, but my game is SO much worse than this. :)

Extremely addictive and very rewarding. Controls are simple, but the gameplay has depth. Hard to find good games like this nowadays.

EDIT: After some calculation, it looks like many of the awards don't work. In particular, the ones that give you extra approval, like "get 10 approval", "get 5 approval for each game you published", and "get 15 base approval but lose 5 for each empty slot" do not seem to factor into the final score for each stage. If this could be fixed, I'll increase my score to 5 stars, because the idea is good, but the game is impossible in the later stages without these awards (unless you're extremely lucky).

Dhasd responds:

We are investigating this! Thanks for the constructive feedback, you seem to be right. We are trying to fix this. :)

This bug is fixed now! All trophys are working, and if not sure it is displayed in the score screen :)

On 9th 'day' the game crashed (19 jun 1985), but otherwise it's a good and funy game, I kinda like the humour in it.

Dhasd responds:

This is fixed now :)!

I saw that women can be priests in this game and stopped playing.

What Russia has is not some liberal Anglican Church, In Russia the Orthodox church that Soviets persecuted was and continues to be as patriarchal as it gets. I doubt even Anglicans had female priests at that time.

If you make a game parodying that period and system then make it right and do not make such crude immersion ruining historical and ideological inaccuracies possible.

The whole concept of this game is hilarious, original and great, but that inconsistency is a deal-breaker for me. I will not participate in some Orwellian rewriting of history and pretend that in past every oppressed group was liberal and gender-inclusive by politically correct standards of meh current year.

Fun, innovative, creative - the music's absolutely captivating, not to mention the graphics and gameplay mechanics!

Further replayability would make this a true underdog. Thumbs up, comrades!