Reviews for "People's Committee of Game Development"

Hilarious game. I got to 13 medals then failed.

Great game. But I need to address another post first...

Unlike 1Desk below, I understand a joke and satire towards communist times in the soviet union. 1Desk failed to offer anything constructive, deciding to instead be butthurt over historical inaccuracies in a game. It's a game dude, who cares? Just be a contributing member of Newgrounds and offer the creator feedback instead of going on about how things were really in the Soviet Union. I was alive and remember what the Cold War was like... when were you born?

Now about the game. Well made game. I enjoyed the raw gloom of the graphics. It really emphasised the typical opinion of soviet style. All gloomy and dark. Despite this, the colour used in the background is bright and a great contrast.

Loved the music. The music though is repetitive and began to grind on me after a while. But for anybody who doesn't mind it, it is well done and at least solid to listen to on loop for about 20 mins or so.

Gameplay is simple and straightforward. Very little instruction is needed. Unless you are hopeless at solving simple problems. My only issue is with the selections. After each stage when you make your selections, it would be nice to be able to reference them so that you can better judge how your selections will affect the outcome of the game. I found a few times that my memory failed me and I made poor selections for what I had previously selected.

I enjoy the joke that the game is while also finding great fun in the general gameplay. I have saved this as a favorite for whenever I need a go-to for a time waster and want a good laugh as I try to combine a board of wood, a calculator and an axe as the main components of a system for a game. This is a solid game through and through.

Ignore people like 1Desk below who have nothing better to do with their time but complain. I imagine them sitting at their computer gasping in horror as they play this and by the end of a playthrough, tears streaming from their eyes as they stand up for the glory of their great soviet nation by hammering away at a keyboard a bunch of useless items that has little or nothing to do with the game.

Internet thugs need internet hugs. Awesome game!!!

Dhasd responds:

Thanks for your kind words, and your constructive feedback. Also thanks for not searching for historical accuracy in a game you can use a bottle of Vodka for a CPU.:D Game currently works as a memory game like you said, but this doesn't mean its not going to change in the future. :)

EDIT: Read the dev comment, they explain away the problems I had quite succinctly

Arqcenick responds:

Hey, thank you for your review!
But I think you misunderstood the satire's target.
This game was actually a satire of the some of the western propaganda surrounding the communism. This is how I think the game development would've happened as it if perceieved by the eyes of the western media, and wanted to show how exaggerated the "evils" of communist at the time. Also how they combined all communist states to one to attribute evils commited by one communist country to all of them, and treated as identical as it made easier for them to attack those countries in their newspapers and radio hence easier for making western propaganda.
This is why (while mainly based on USSR), we combined elements of other percieved-as-communist countries, like personality of cult.)
So while I understand that you are upset by the historical inaccuracies, the aim of the game was sort of these. We don't ofcourse force you to intrepret this way, and it is not the most obvious, so reviews like this might and will happen and we're OK.

And you are right about faux cyrillic about readability issues. We weighed the pros and cons and decided that the amount of "theme" it adds to game is greater than the amount of "readability" it subtracts from the game, so we decided to go with it. (We probably misjudged it because well, we wrote those in so we knew what each meant withour reading :D) But looking now, it might be a wrong choice, as even I at times cannot read them.

Shit I played this so long an always took on the Publisher-Trophy "5 approval per succsessfull game"
But after a strange defeat I just realised that this trophy is not beeing counted! What a deceit! XD

Dhasd responds:

Thanks a lot for your finding, you are right! We are fixing it in the next patch . :)

This bug with lots of other trophy related bugs are fixed :)

Love the comedy choices, like how vodka is a "Processer", or how an axe is a "Controller".
Also loving the design choices, this deserves a favorite.