Reviews for "People's Committee of Game Development"

good concept, great execution

This game is an awesome concept, I like it a lot. Keep it up!

I like it. The graphics are good, and it manages to use some core roguelike elements to create a pretty unique game. The emphasis on memorization isn't really my taste, given that a piece of paper gives the player too much of an advantage, but it's definitely a good way to spend a 10 minute coffee break.

I really like the game. I have four complaints and one question though.
1: Unless you have adblocker installed, you can't see the full screen (at least for me)
2: The inability to look at choices you have made so you can best synchronize your choices, although that may be deliberate to add to the challenge.
3: The medal that doubles propaganda bonuses doesn't seem to work.
4: A better explanation of what choices impact what aspect of your score would be beneficial to players less familiar with the language of game design and hardware terms.
My question is why are my planks of wood sometimes better employees than actual people?
Overall, while certainly not as in-depth as game dev tycoon or other sim games, when you remember that this is not only a completely free game, but one made for a game jam in the span of one week, it stands as a fun and enjoyable experience to see how far you can take your development "regime".
*10/28/18 EDIT*
The theme that gives a bonus for not having a controller doesn't seem to work either because it automatically gives a plank for a controller.

Dhasd responds:

Thank you for playing, and leaving a comment. And of course thank you for the constructive feedback.
1.The ad problem is something we couldn't figure out as well, we don't know how newgrounds works. (we are not gaining any revenue from the adds shown anyways) I will try my best to fix this.
2.This is mentioned before in the comments too. The game works as kind of a memory game as well as planing. We might change this in the future as this is a feedback we get a lot.
3.Thanks for finding this out. You are right, it is not working properly we will fix this in next patch. :)
4.This is something we struggled with a lot, its an overall hard subject to tackle as this is not our expertise either. :) Currently, we call for example Programmer times Processor score, Engine score, and so on for artists, and designers. This tho is not at all obvious, and player only seems to understand it after playing few rounds. We are looking for better solutions, and hopefully this can be more optimised in the future iterations. :)
To answer your question about the plank, the main idea was that plank would be the "empty slot", but we forgot it in the game as a possible option in the jam version. For some reason we decided not to touch it while we were updating in newgrounds. Maybe we will make it only the empty slot option in the next patch. :)
Thanks a lot for the feedback, have a nice day ^^

its fun but you can't really do anything. you just make a game and another and etc
it's not like game dev tycoon were you can upgrade and you don't lose if you make one bad game