Reviews for "People's Committee of Game Development"

This was a pretty interesting and fun game. It was challenging, my first playthrough I made it to 5 medals. I'll play again to see how far I can go. The premise was new, graphics were clean and nice. Its pretty cool!

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Glorious game comrade.
Managed to obtain seventeen medals on 20, December 1986 before the game couldn't handle it anymore.
I wasn't entirely sure the medals would continue to stack after obtaining a few of the same ones, and I dont think they did. Otherwise I should have had 55x4=220 base approval everytime from trophies alone.
Something to look into.

Dhasd responds:

That could be the highest quantity of medals someone has ever reached. :D Same medals do stack, but it might have a hard cap. Thanks for the analysis, if we continue developing this we will look into that.

Lovely art style and the premise of the game is cool. Also love the communist angle.

Dhasd responds:

Thank you! We tried to give the vintage feel as much as possible. :)

Challenging but fair. I've managed to rack up seven medals so far. Is there an actual end to this game, or is it one of those where you just keep going until you fail?

Dhasd responds:

There is no end to the game currently, like you said you go until you fall. Congrats on 7 medals, its hard to get that far! :)