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Reviews for "A Girl and Her Pet"

Good Thing, Too

It's a good thing she's taking it out for a walk. That little darling had gotten to be right plump.

+5 Stars for the quality
+3 Stars for the humor
+1 Star for tickling my paleontological fancy


holy shiest!

That dinosaur has one hell of a bicep!

overall this work is pretty sweet. its pretty clear that this is probably one of your more faster works that gets the main focus accross, in which you did a good job on.

The only problems I see falls under a matter of opinion, such as some of the awkward proportions in the dinosaurs arms and legs. other then that, brilliant work :D.


Could be cool to have you very own effing dinosaur!! :D

that's a fat t-rex

he looks like of like a meatball


The fundies would love this... don't encourage them!