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Reviews for "A Girl and Her Pet"

This is such a beautiful picture! It helps that I really like artwork of dinosaurs. They were something that I was really into as a kid. I guess you can never really tell what they looked like in the flesh. This is as accurate as any other drawing. The girl's nicely drawn too.

The whole thing looks like it was done on watercolor. Then again, a lot of submissions are. I think that's a pretty accurately sized T-rex. The vines in the background are a nice touch too. I couldn't help but think they spell something out.

Nice work.

The T-Rex looks mighty beastly. I love the head of it, how you put nice textures and the right amount of shadowing on the body. Loving the background and colors.


this is great!!

goest-the best of the goods thus goest

wait until this shows up on fatal attractions


That is one meaty Dino!! haha good drawing /painting.