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Reviews for "Dragonpalz"

This video isn't half bad when you consider its overall comedic value. Yet, when you consider the damage to my ears it has just so little replayability .

The animation was OK, and there were some nice jokes. I liked the pointless flashback and the way Goku tricked Vegeta. The humor was inconsistent though. Sometimes Vegeta's goofy, sometimes serious. This works when you up the random derpy stuff, but this way it kinda felt like it didn't know what it wanted to be. The voice quality wasn't perfect, but that kind of added to the charm. Voice acting was pretty good, and I liked how Vegeta had to say "again" at the end of his sentence. The silliness of Goku's attacks was also great. Not that big a fan of them running around the rock and stuff. It was pretty nice when Goku comforted Vegeta, and the blast at the end was pretty nice.
Overall, you had some nice jokes and a pretty good concept, but it feels like it didn't have enough time to fully figure out what it wants to do. Not really over-the-top or serious enough.

Not a bad job! A bit more audio balancing might be nice though :D

Ahhh!, lol best part.

Nice characters

The characters in this are really good, love the "VOICES" too and I think adding some subtitles on this would be pretty good and make for a better film, This was like a Grand adventure, It started off giving me a good vibe of things, I was quite surprised seeing the unique style in this flash and it made for a good start. You have a Refined flash here there could be some additional extras but its a good start.

I think adding some subtitles on this would be pretty good and make for a better film


dogl responds:

Nice review.

I swear to god "WAYNE". If I see another "REVIEW" from you ever again, I think I will be plunging a knife directly into my sternum. And maybe dragging my bloodied corpse across a canvas to spell out "Shut the fuck up".

If I see another word sprawl out of your fingers like an infant begging for life, I think I'll be forced to rip my eyes out.