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Reviews for "Dragonpalz"

this looks so clean and smooth!!! i yearn to get this good

hahaha. nice

I really liked the colors, and the characters, would have loved some more movement overall, but really cool project! You all get a follow, looking forward to what else you make. Really nice audio!

"This is the most pain I felt since that fateful day!" - Top 10 Best Anime Quotes

This made me laugh. Like actually laugh. That's fantastic and not something you can say from most comedies here. The actual ending punch didn't really make it for me, but the rest was solid gold. Even the weird propotions made it funnier...

But that quote, man... Superb.

Fast-paced action!
This animation is very humorous for a lot of people who understand anime logic as well as people who enjoy these funny but well-done animations.
Great job!