Reviews for "FLAMANGO"

Seems interesting, but not yet functional:
1. Right-clicking does nothing;
2. Thus-I cannot pass the tutorial;
3. And when I skip it no gems appear;
4. So there is no way to even check if the medals are working.

xmatos responds:

What browser are you playing in?
Is there music playing?
Thanks for the feedback

The medals and scoreboards are broken - don't force yourself through this until they're fixed. I also didn't skip the tutorial after reading earlier comments. The game starts off very hard, but I started getting the hang of it. It's a decent challenge, but the distracting backgrounds and the slowdowns (sometimes clicks don't register during them?) take away from the experience.

Cannot play it without a mouse, that's a major minus..

it's too hard!

Damn this is just as hard as Flappy Bird. I love the trippy visuals and audio, but the difficulty gets in the way to make it a truly fun experience.