Reviews for "FLAMANGO"

It annoyed me how you had to collect every single one. The controls weren't that good. Granted, that's probably because I'm using a laptop. That is itself cheap. The colors were at least nice. I liked the music.

It's just that there was too monotonous. I hoped there'd at least be some enemies in the game. Instead, it's just the same stuff. I wasn't motivated to play this. I'm sure you can do better.

I have the same issue as IScabs in Chrome. Clicking the skip button makes the gems disappear.
The music is great. It's like a wild shroom trip.


Not working on Chrome. No gems appear after skipping tutorial

This is really nice! And the game is SOO HARD

Edit: I fucking love this i could play this all day it's so relaxing. The soundtrack is so good and the visuals are so trippy! I got 167 points!