Reviews for "FLAMANGO"

Well I see some potential in the idea, but you may want to change the background and maybe the flamingo's head, I find it kind of creepy

why 0 points on medals D:

It's like super hexagon, it's fun when you have enough practice. Also, I encountered 2 weird things in this game 1.it went black and white 2.the gems turned into flamingos and the lights were flashing.

The medals and scoreboards are broken - don't force yourself through this until they're fixed. I also didn't skip the tutorial after reading earlier comments. The game starts off very hard, but I started getting the hang of it. It's a decent challenge, but the distracting backgrounds and the slowdowns (sometimes clicks don't register during them?) take away from the experience.

Does not seem to play music, or continue gameplay in google chrome after skipping the last section of the tutorial, which did not make sense.