Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.100)"

Awesome game, I'm somehow missing the cosplayer between Lola and Talia. How would I get that one?


Miss Joyce.

and if were to defeat Umi, where to find her image reward?

I've had 5 hours of gameplay at the Safari Zone. Was it worth it? Unsure. Did I enjoy it? Definitively! Also for those looking for Francie the Flygon, just click the poster at the maid café after fighting her

this game is honestly amazing in so many ways. i'm not a lesbian but hot damn if those cosplayers don't turn me on like hell lol amazing art and animation. I love the mechanics as well
all the unlockables and quests really fill the game up and the pay off for your hard work is worth it❤✌😁 I can only see this getting better as time goes on goood jobbbbb and stay minty fresh my friend 11/10

edit: my only issue is I tend to forget what to do next after I return a few days later so maybe add a guide option or a charter to talk to who reminds you like "aren't you supposed to be ripping the clothes off some girl in the crime room or whatever?".

I need help, I've saved Flareon and gotten my candygram and the receptionist has a fairy outfit. she told me to go somewhere but I skipped through the text. Can anyone help on where to go?