Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.100)"

This has worse writing than the Sex Kitten series.

Safari Zone is hell.

I didn't keep track of how long I spent, but I went in at level 200 and came out at level 261. It wasn't difficult or challenging, just a tedious grind. The time limit was annoying to look at but it was barely a problem considering you start to gain time if you click fast enough. It got to the point where i was at about 9k points, and I forgot what my goal was. I opened another window in a different browser, loaded the game, checked what the goal was, closed the window, decided if I'm going big I might as well unlock everything too, re opened the window, checked the shop and added all the prices together to find what I needed to unlock everything, closed the window again, came back to the game that was already open, and I still had three minutes left on the clock, a full minute more than I had to begin with. The average dinosaur gives way too little points for for it to be worth it. The reward for beating Cassandra's score isn't even that much better than the average CG you can buy from the store.

7.8/10 too many dinosaurs

Good lord, the portraits are fine, stop changing them! Carmen is the only adjusted one that looks better, Faye was fine either way, while Ivy and Vanilla look much worse. If you've got something that people enjoy, that resonates with them, DON'T CHANGE IT. You've got more valuable things to work on. Say, animations or alternates costumes.

Speaking of designs, they can't all be winners, but the museum girl is really, really, not great. Completely threw me out of the game, doesn't mesh with others at all. The "Dino-transformations" were similarly awful.

(As a side note, whatever happened to the Ditto-Bosses? Did they get lost when the plot left?)

It isn't helped by being the buggiest version of POKE-Con yet. It may have been my save, but at no point did I speak to the museum keeper prior to thinking she stole the staff. Clicking the boar before the ugly receptionist triggered her calling me over, only to resort to the general "Don't ask about the boar." Fortunately clicking on the boar still got the staff. A lot of dialogue seemed to be mis-attributed in the cave? Or poorly expressed what was going on? Not-Cubone Dino-Lady definitely had a few lines meant for Faye.

The update also just kind of stopped? Usually banging a new person adds a bonus to stats and triggers a little conversation about waiting. This one had neither, and I no one I could find had any new dialogue, so I guess I finished it? [Edit: Was totally the save re: the bonuses; still sudden ending.]

On the positive side, the Tyranatar sticker was very well done; it's probably my favorite design since the meowth girls. I think the hair just needs to be slightly darker to look perfect. Really good!

The money sack animation has simple shading, but is pretty darn fluid. Good job on that front.