Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.100)"


I have no life... I'm level 619
Also while grinding I used water magic over 100 times and there was no Michelle summon and we still can not view the stats for water magic
and why two umbreon cosplayers?

Well thought out game, and very interesting, the only complaint i would have is the safari zone randomness in terms of luck and all that, i do understand there does need to be some luck involved but i was hoping for maybe a little more consistency. an idea that im just putting out there would be to maybe add different area for different monsters, and instead of rarity of monsters adding different scores, maybe instead its the monsters themselves. for example
the flying monster can be the weakish type; primarily there to grind for more time and maybe even restore a bit of MP
the monster thats weak to fire is already the middle man giving a medium score but that would also help restore HP and MP
and the monster weak to water allow it to give the higher score.

youre in a way already doing that however its the randomness im not keen on. perhaps give them their own areas to really stand out and shine

Well done, I mean: great !!! I started by playing V.09 and felt like it was too bad that a lot of things were still locke (N/A) at the end (can't wait to see them when it's finished). Dialogues are fun, both caracter design and animation are amaizing. It's also interesting how hints are hidden among the places.

*For players: in this version (V.1) the safari zone is just fabulous. It's challenging and it's worth it. You can make 16 200 pts easily if you have the right level but above all if you manage well the balance between HP & MP. Some monsters will give you HP, other ones MP. It is yours to kill it in a way (using spell or just simple attack or both )that you'll have a correct amount after the fight. Even if they appear randomly, if you balance well HP & MP you'll always be ready. Do it quickly so you gain time and don't forget: it's ok to die. If you gained enough time it will be an asset to be able to come back (hope it will always be possible).

A lot of potential, keep it going: I look forward its completion.

Great game. One problem that I've noticed is that the "save" button doesn't work for me, so I have to keep a tab with the game open. Also, how does one obtain the passwords to use for password saves?