Reviews for "Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.100)"


Safari Zone is hell.

I didn't keep track of how long I spent, but I went in at level 200 and came out at level 261. It wasn't difficult or challenging, just a tedious grind. The time limit was annoying to look at but it was barely a problem considering you start to gain time if you click fast enough. It got to the point where i was at about 9k points, and I forgot what my goal was. I opened another window in a different browser, loaded the game, checked what the goal was, closed the window, decided if I'm going big I might as well unlock everything too, re opened the window, checked the shop and added all the prices together to find what I needed to unlock everything, closed the window again, came back to the game that was already open, and I still had three minutes left on the clock, a full minute more than I had to begin with. The average dinosaur gives way too little points for for it to be worth it. The reward for beating Cassandra's score isn't even that much better than the average CG you can buy from the store.

7.8/10 too many dinosaurs

Yep, Joyce definitely vanished lol.

My computer HATES ME as soon as I got the 12500 points it decided to say good bye and fuck you, lost all the points FUCK
By the way good work as always :D

Sometimes I just want to play this game in Nintendo's portable game systems. I thought it would be fun when some kid see the screen while you play Con-Quest! Poké-con and you say it only for big child.