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Reviews for "Super Sneaky Room Escape"

Pressing the button annoyed me - this "puzzle" ruined whole experience. I think it's one of the best games from the Snakey's series and it deserved something better. This wasn't logical because button opened table. It's remembered me Sad Monkey series - in later episodes there was a tendency to use same objects few times without any logical sense.

Nice :)

I enjoyed the challenge. Got it all except the persistence one. nice work

Not bad

I have played a lot of your games and I usually don't comment on them since, no offense, they seemed kind of low quality in the puzzle solving department plus there wasn't anything inherently wrong with them and they had a charm about them that still made them enjoyable. However, after playing this game I wanted to say that I really enjoyed it. It's differs from your usual escape games as it requires more unconventional thinking and unique solutions to puzzles (for example, SPOILERS, not many escape games have you pick up and use a chest that you just got something out of. It may have taken me longer to find this out if I hadn't clicked on it to see if I could move it to see the number behind it). I even liked the small story that went along with it (I'd like to make some extra money escaping rooms). My only complaints are that it was pretty short and going back into the inventory over and over again to put the coins in places was a pain (maybe have a counter for the coins in the upper right corner of them and have them stay in your hand after placing one?) I look forward even more to your next release. Good luck!