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Reviews for "Super Sneaky Room Escape"

Cool art and music! This game is very hard and puzzling (in a good way!) I, personally coulden't complete the game, but i'm sure other, more "sneaky" people could finish it. The music is a *bit* distracting, so i ended up just muting it.. Maybe choose a different track? But, if that's all you got, that's fine :) Overall: good, hard game!

That was fun. Thanks

Wow what a game

I had fun with this "ONE" the little "PUZZLES" and strategic elements made this fun, I could see you making a series out of this and have many other rooms to escape, I was not expecting this game to be as it was, it was entertaining had some nice graphics and some decent options that made it an all around fun game, But On an ending note to the review part of things here, it was ok, could use some extras and more stuff like more nifty features and options here and there, but i got alot from this, It has an entertaining value and some good quality points but also need that extra push, but overall i found it to be alright. I have suggesteda few ideas throught the review for making it better in some areas thats lacked so thats something you can look into, other then that this was decent.

I could see you making a series out of this and have many other rooms to escape


It was fine

Great game! I was confused when the last sneaky coin wasn't there.s