Reviews for "Nightmare Quest"

Nice game

Is this made from animate cc/flash?

your missing 2 other slashers
1.freddy kruger
2.mihkel myers

Love Halloween games! Great job! This was really great!

The animation is a bit choppy and the artwork for the characters could use with a bit more consistency, and the details need to be tightened up. I would highly recommend looking into shading to add depth and lighting variation. The writing is a little light and random, but for the adventure it works. If you want to add to it, try to explain why all of these various horror icons are gathered there, add more to Count Bram and do more to intertwine the Blair Witch who it was said opened the portal to begin with. I would have liked to see those angles more explored and maybe explain what exactly the Nightmare God's nature is and why it decided to help them. Not a bad start, but definitely in need of a good bit of work. Little extras like describing different aspects of the scenery, allowing exploration and hiding secrets are big factors in making games in this genre good. You want the player to feel like the world they are in is alive, vibrant and full of things to discover and explore. Also, maybe add an actual way to lose, with there being no penalty, the scare scenes lack any real urgency. It was fun, but lacked real substance.

Still, keep up the good work! This was not bad, just okay.