Reviews for "Nightmare Quest"

Fun and cute but not super challenging. I wish there was more room for player interaction or to try the objects on different things, rather than just clicking back and forth from scene to scene to see what's changed so you can progress. Also I both liked and didn't like that the 'scares' weren't really scary - liked because I didn't get scared, but sort of a let down once I realized that it didn't matter how fast you clicked the run button, nothing would happen if you chilled and took your time. I did enjoy all the homages to previous movies though! And I found it hilarious when leatherface showed up again wearing a familiar face.

Kind of easy, but at the same time, kind of fun. Maybe a sequel in the future? A little more challenging maybe?


Why can I not get Leatherface to pop up, in order to shoot him with the boomstick? Ever since I got it, Leatherface will not pop up again, have I done something I should not have?

Another great game by runningzombie!