Reviews for "Nightmare Quest"

This was a lot of fun! As a big fan of horror movies, I loved seeing all the references to classic horror characters. I'm not really sure Donnie Darko is horror, but I love that movie and it definitely has its fair share of creepy moments so I didn't mind its inclusion. Also I wonder if the Ghostface in this game is one of the killers from the movies or a completely separate Ghostface entity.

My one criticism is that the story is a bit rushed, especially at the start. And the choices you're given don't really seem to matter that much.

Fun! Took a little bit of thinking for some parts. NOW, If I could just figure out the hidden/secret medals.

I really like it, but I can't figure out how to find the wine recipe.

Good stuff, highly enjoyable. And contrary to a previous review, all medals work fine.

Just one thing...the killer from Scream is called "Ghostface", not "Scream"...

RunningZombie responds:

Same with Billy the doll from Saw. I thought it would be more recognizable to just use "Jigsaw" and "Scream". Thanks for the review!

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