Reviews for "Nightmare Quest"

Amazing! Lots of respectful nods to serial killers and horror movies. Keep up the great work!
Edit: This game is HARD.
Edit: Finally beat it! But, I do have a problem. I am not seeming to get the medals. Please fix this RunningZombie!

couldn't get past the loading screen

Excellent story. No major flaws in my opinion, I felt the puzzles weren't too hard nor too easy. Lots of cameos from some of m favorite horror movies characters. I particularly enjoyed the *Scooby Gang* feel of it all, especially with the research part.

Excellent game, tho I'm stuck at the wine at the moment.

Edit: Turns out I was misreading the 2 as a 3! *facepalm*

Edit: Now stuck at the coffin, lol. I love it, though!

Edit: Finished. EXCELLENT game. I appreciate that it's fun, challenging and not really scary. When I want a dose of a scary game, I watch JackSepticEye, lol, because I can't handle genuinely scary games myself.


RunningZombie responds:

You made it out of the Nightmare! Glad you enjoyed it!

This was a fun time, with the history book being the most annoying puzzle. It was short but a good horror love letter.