Reviews for "Halloween Asylum"

I screamed when this came out! GG man!

selfdefiant responds:


To the author, I really enjoyed this game. My son and I had a great time playing through on our first try. It took us about 90 minutes without any help or cheat guides.

I really appreciate your warning to not play if you have epilepsy. Not many game developers would include that warning. Thank you
(I could not play it because I have Epilepsy, but I am sure it is an amazing game. Thank you SD)

Great game, great puzzles, and a lot of really good art. Some of the puzzles were confusing, and some of the objects were damn near impossible to find, but oh boy did it feel great when you solved a puzzle you had been working on for a while.

It might be my mistake, but I bought the crystal ball instead of the cross and didn't have enough purple orb to buy the cross, blocking me from advancing :/