Reviews for "Halloween Asylum"

took me awhile to notice the box in the office with the colored sliders. everything before and after that was fairly quick.

Great game, great puzzles, and a lot of really good art. Some of the puzzles were confusing, and some of the objects were damn near impossible to find, but oh boy did it feel great when you solved a puzzle you had been working on for a while.

I screamed when this came out! GG man!

selfdefiant responds:


You've got to fix the piano puzzle. If it weren't for apocolypse101's comment below, I wouldn't have known that I have to wait for the notation to disappear after every note to actually solve it. I was so close to rage quitting on the piano puzzle. That's just ridiculous and counter intuitive.

Well done as ever, SD. Epic and scary!

Use the map to memo the music notes if your really stuck!

And find all the Crystal gem slots once you've obtained them all!