Reviews for "Halloween Asylum"

crappy google image art unlike most of your other games, not always matching with the rooms connecting to it

I would have really liked this when I was younger, but it is hard not to see with a discerning eye the limitations of chosen media. For what it is, this is as good as it gets.

amazing game,great work!

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you!

Dang, this might be the longest game from you yet. Go up, right, right, up, up for the sacred jar. Go right and collect the doll. Go right and find the empty bottle. It's kind of a given you should collect all the orbs you can. Go back to the part with the wheelchair in the hallway.

Go right and up to the drawer and get a key. Go back to the part with the green stand, go right, and pull the lever. Go up and use the key to open the door. Go back to the green stand, go up, and take the screwdriver on the windowsill. That's enough.

It might be my mistake, but I bought the crystal ball instead of the cross and didn't have enough purple orb to buy the cross, blocking me from advancing :/