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Reviews for "Gosh! What a Sight!"

Now that was horrifying!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay I gotta admit this was one Wacky & Creepy Cartoon. I love the fact that you went for the Oldie/Classic route with this since I love watching shows like Popeye & Classic Mickey Mouse Shorts yet this has a more Dark/Horror approach which totally fits this Months Theme (October). The Animation is very fluid & has such a Oldie Cartoon Wacky Charm, Art Style is pretty Decent at Best, Music is really good & fits well with the Cartoon Animation, the Black/White (also Gray) coloring is done well-balanced, and it was both Funny n' Comedic. Great Job on this!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much!

Huh. That was very interesting. The animation wasn't always at the same level if quality, but it was pretty good overall. I liked the character and the premise was, of course, really cool. The music was great, both fun and unsettling, though at some points it switched a bit abruptly. I really liked the cult stuff, like the gramophone and the weird monster thing. That sacrifice scene was super disturbing, because you were just anticipating it for so long, and the blood came gushing out of the person's mouth. The guts bursting out like that undermined the horror a bit, but it did fit the insanity of the music and everything. Not a huge fan of the thing lifting up its mask, lots of eyes and things just doesn't scare me. Seemed pointless from a story point, too. If the monster wanted to be showing its disciples its face, it wouldn't be wearing a mask. You could say it's aware of Pippy's presence, but it still doesn't feel quite right. The puke monsters were also a largely pointless diversion, though I did like her puking, that's always a bit of additional weight to the horror. Maybe showing us that directly would have been even more shocking. I mean, you didn't shy away from gore, so why this? The 3D thing coming out was just a big annoyance for me. I know it's supposed to be incomprehensible, but I still think you should have left the cult a bit more vague. A weird creature entertaining some brainwashed gas mask people by slicing someone up is scarier to me than a big pen coming out of someone. The ending, too, wasn't great. The gore looks coo land all, but a creepier approach with just her eyes bleeding like you already had and then something to finish it off would have been better than her face straight-up exploding. The paintings when Pippy was sliding through the walls weren't that scary, and I would have preferred if the house was more run down and empty, this way it's weirdly empty, but also not completely run down. About the intro, I think it could have been done better. I don't understand why the tree was retracting its branch like that. Was it supposed to be a subversion of expectations, because we were meant to assume the balloons were gonna pop? But then you shouldn't have had the branch move, just the balloons get closer. It was just confusing and awkward this way. I did really like the way the balloons and chimney seemed to have minds of their own, and the way the chimney was sneezing and didn't seem to be quite alright while doing it, signifying the weirdness of the house. The sun turning into the moon was great too. That happy end card at the end really got me!
Overall, this was a mixed bag. Some really cool stuff and some pointless and non-fitting stuff. It was interesting enough for me to follow you, though!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thanks for the feedback. My job involes animating stale, toothless corprate videos so whenever i make my own stuff i like to throw everything and anything at the wall and see what sticks.
Always good to go wild and experiement, hear what people think then adapt for latet productions. So cheers for the indepth review, gives me a lot to consider


Fantastic cartoon! I love submissions that start off innocent, then take a sharp turn for the morbid, and you achieved that beautifully. Wasn't expecting something quite so gory, even in grayscale, given the T rating. I'd personally say bump it up to an M, but I won't get all sniffy about it; I'm a big boy, I can take it, and in fact I enjoyed it tremendously.

You did quite well with the "rubber hose" animation style, as you called it. Wasn't aware of that term for it, but makes perfect sense, hehe. On a related note, I also loved how you snuck in the other visual styles near the end, as you mentioned in the description. Better yet, I didn't even READ the description before watching, so I was nicely surprised at the dissection robot's face reveal! The 3D pylon that jutted out of the victim's carcass was... interesting. I do like that that's when the non-grayscale colors made their debut. Personally, I would have preferred less vibrant purple tones on the pylon and background stripes that... uh, Pippy... saw/hallucinated, but that's a minor gripe. No sense in taking off points for that.

I've mostly forgotten why I followed you, at this point. (I recall something about pixelated horror cartoons with some kind of abortion vibes, but I digress.) At any rate, I'm glad you came back however briefly to remind me! Kudos!

ClockworkPixel responds:

Thank you very much :) you follow for spooky toons every halloween? Haha
only get time to make one animation a Year so i always go big at halloween