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Reviews for "Blooming Love - Online Demo"

The pictures are nicely done but I want to suggest to rework the design of the shirts of the girls, it just looks like too much wanted and not "natural". Nevertheless, there is a lot of story and maybe the only thing you really need to change: the amount of clicks to get to the next decision - or increase the variancy of pictures while walking through the story.

brightsunstudios responds:

Those are good suggestions, but as the description suggests the game has already been fully completed and I'm no longer working on it. This online version is incomplete as it's only supposed to be a demo for players who want to play the game a little before deciding if they want to download the full game

Keeps saying "Script error"

I actually enjoyed this, I'd like to play the full version but, sadly, my only working computer is a Chromebook. Also, the patreon link doesn't work.

brightsunstudios responds:

The website automatically assumed the ) at the end was part of the link (which it obviously wasn't), so I fixed the link. If you still want to play the game, the link should now work properly

the pictures are pretty detailed even though i feel like something is wrong and the dialogue is good just not in the form or maybe not arranged in the right way

Endless dialogue and boring pictures.