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Reviews for "Blooming Love - Online Demo"

I can't be bad, but I can't lie, I understood everything but this game isn't good dude, sorry :(

I like the characters they're hot, and boobs are kinda my thing,
but I'm kinda with the rest of the crew here. How the hell is this a game at all when it's just you picking pre selected answers and responses? No animation really other than frame skips and text. It's a visual choose your own adventure novel.
Sorry my friend, I like the boobs and the nudity, the characters are even hot, but cmon man you can do way better. Give the audience something to want first.

Until next time
-Hail Cobra

brightsunstudios responds:

What you just described (text + pre-determined responses to alter parts of the story + some visual elements) has a name: Visual novel. It is a game genre. What you consider a 'game' is up to you of course. But in general visual novels are certainly seen as games. I'll admit visual novels perhaps aren't the best genre for this particular website. The expectations for what to expect from the 'games' up here are different from what this game offers. I'm seen very different reactions to the game from various websites. This one is by far the most negative one, but that's okay. People here aren't used to seeing visual novels. There are people who like visual novels though as they focus purely on story and choices to make in that story. I take issue with the suggestion that 'I could have done better' for example. To me this feels like saying 'you could have done better' to a person developing an RPG while you were expecting an racing game. You're free to have your own opinion though, so do with it what you will

Its probably a real interesting story, but with so much text, it makes more sense to show entire paragraphs at a time instead of making the *player* click so many times to get threw some dialouge. Ugh.

brightsunstudios responds:

That's a problem with RPG Maker MV (the engine used for the demo). The actual full game is made in Ren'py (which sadly doesn't support online play, so I had to remake the first day of the game in RPG Maker to be able to put it up here). Ren'py has an auto-forward function, so the full version doesn't have this problem

i dont see this as a game, and its very boring story line

very large game window.. had to ctrl - very very far to even be able to see the girl and the dialogue options at the same time and even that doesn't solve the issue entirely. btw, if this is your game just upload the full thing why would you just post a demo? you could still post your patreon page and just say to support you if they like the game. some people can only access the games through a browser and can't download the full version (any chromebook mobile users) the music sounds kind of corny btw. just some things to think about.

(EDIT) Thank you for the reply. That's understandable i guess. thats really too bad about your limitations with the software that can be uploaded to this website i'm surprised they don't fix it so even more formats are compatible with this website as it's pretty much one of the only flash sites that's games will load to my chromebook. If there's any sites you can upload to that i could play the full version on PM me or something as i'd be interested. i updated my rating and am sorry for the initial bad rating, i thought you were just being greedy and trying to direct traffic to your patreon hoping they would donate. have a good day brah.

brightsunstudios responds:

There is a very simple reason I didn't upload the full version: I can't. The actual game is made in Ren'py, a far superior engine for visual novels like this. Ren'py doesn't support playing through web browsers though, you can't play it over the internet. RPG Maker MV does support playing it through the internet, so I remade the first day of the story in the full game in RPG Maker MV so I could upload it as a demo here (which is also why it's so big, the original resolution of the game is 1920x1080). There isn't much I can do for the few people who can't download the full game. Remaking the entire game in RPG Maker MV would take weeks and that's not worth it in my opinion as it would still be a weaker product than the game that's already there. Ren'py has many visual novel features that RPG Maker MV doesn't have (such as auto forwarding, saving whenever you want, going back to read previous lines of dialouge, etc.), so I'll stick with Ren'py. I hope they'll one day add online web browser support to the engine though