Reviews for "The Ramen Prince (Ramen no Oujisama) v0.9.0 M"


Well this has a very "FRESH" look about the game and some interesting ideas I do think you need to speed up the tempo of the game it starts off way too slow, And so here we come to the end of the review, dont want to drag the review on forever but in a nutshell This was notbad a decent game, I found this flash to be lots of fun, now dont get me wrong there could be some better sdjustments in making it better, could use a few fixes here and there as explained below, keep up with the style you got going its good, and be more creative and more random stuff going on, and more new ideas are always a plus new features and so on.

I do think you need to speed up the tempo of the game it starts off way too slow


PaperWaifu responds:

Hello! Thanks for leaving your thoughts about the game! Yes, the start does need a little hmm.. push. For now there are two ways to speed up the game - the prologue and intro can be skipped, and a quick start secret code is available!

One of the best dating games I've played on newgrounds or anywhere else.
1) the music is fantastic, I find myself whistling it when not playing. Love how each girl has her own theme!
2) the girls are mostly very complex, real people-not really cookie-cutter gaming anime girls ; or hentai etc. Yes, there's some cliches, but they have real personality; reactions to situations are hilarious and real(loved Ren and Sango's reactions to him dating Rika; or when they get vandalized etc).
3) the story is surprisingly good, deep and love how they interconnect and most characters backgrounds have depth
4) good art, very beautiful scenery, I can imagine myself being in Japan.
5) the innocence of the main character is cute, like the innocence of some of the girls he's trying to get with!
6) I like the dialogue of each character and interactions between main character and the girls. It's vastly different than other dating sim games this way.
7) Play enough you become truly invested in their 'relationships'...not the girl you meet at the shrine, for me; but the rest of them.
8) playing this makes me hungry for ramen and other Japanese food.

1) I don't like how you have to restart from very beginning after finishing each girl.
When you finish, you should just start with the ramen selecting time (if you met all girls). This makes the playthrough a little less frustrating. Even with the skip, it's slow.
2) the clicking is a little clunky....hard to describe, but it feels just as slow to me when I try and zip through all the dialogue I've read a lot in previous girls!
3) I wish you can interact with scenes before you have met the girls, or even after. I'd love to say, see a new dialogue box after you saw Rika at mall. "what else do we see?" for instance.

bugs: I've discovered the same ones Necrotoy below described.
There's some grammar issues and spelling errors, I will have to list the ones I've found.
but man, I wish I can download the non-free version....sigh. oh well. This great! I highly recommend to anyone playing games, let alone enjoy dating sims!

10/10 for effortz c;

(English is not my first language. sorry for the mistakes)

I won't lie. Usually, when I play a dating game, I always play it to make fun of it. Usually I use it to remember how to NOT get a girl in real life. You play a guy who can’t make the difference between a girl and a Pokémon (get them all) and the girls are always the same cliché girls in each game (and all nymphomaniacs or it’s not funny).
Then, you just left them when you finish to f*ck them … and there is absolutely NO repercussions after that!!!
I’ve always hated when a girl is compared to some food you eat and left when you’re finished with.

You compered your “nympho” girls with food. But some food with a strong soul. And for that, I think I will rate this game like a game that deserves it.
To cote the game, I’ll divide the game in 5 parts for a total of 10 points (1 point = 1/2 star):
- Gameplay: /1
- Graphism: /2
- Audio: /2
- Scenario: /3
- personal fun: /2 (usually I also count bugs here but it’s not the final build, so I’ll list them later without counting them in the rate)
Gameplay: 1/1
Even if it’s not the major point of that kind of game, it’s important to have some interactions in the game. And we have it: I didn’t check all the endings, but I got in a game over with Sango and then I finished with the good ending with her staying at the Ouji. For Mie and Tomone, I got the ending where they left. I didn’t manage to get the good endings there but clearly that shows your choices have a strong impact on the game.

Graphism: 2/2
Nothing to say, it’s perfect. Some bugs where the characters are a little to high but it’s ok. I also like the fact you add some blurred characters when we have a crowd. We know they aren’t important, but they are here, and I respect the choice to just chow the important characters. Also, background is well done and caracters’sprights are really expressive. 2/2 nothing to change. (you can always improve them if you want though but it’s good that way for me)

Audio: 1/2
Well … the music is cool, I even happen to listen to it when I’m working or doing something else. However, I don’t feel like it’s always well adapted perfectly to the game. Probably just a question of taste but unfortunately, I had to play with another soundtrack to get well into it. Also, it’s sad that turning the music down also cut the ambient sound. You should have too button so people who want either the music or the background but not the other can enjoy the game even more.

Scenario: 2/3
At first, I thought it was one of this game where you play a pervert who want to get all the girls in his bed.
However, I quickly understood it was not the case when the game seemed to critic itself and it happens that the game shows more romance than blank sexuality.
Another thing I liked a lot was that It’s not only a love story but also like you help them to grow with some problem they have, and you learn from them at the same time. You have a real exchange with the girl that you don’t have in most known dating games.
And you also tried to find an excuse for each ‘nymphomania’ of the girls. You managed well for some girls like the Sango, the actress, Hanako and kind of for the detective.
For the boss lady, I could understand, it’s just the boy that I don’t really understand her.
For the Ninja and the ice chef … well you failed but there stories still interesting so It’s no big deal.
The main problem in the scenario for me is the absence of the girls when you don’t pick up their story. We make some cameos when they are in relation if the girl you chose and that’s cool, but I just felt strange to meet 8 girls in the start of the game and only see 3 of them until the end of the game. More interactions or cameos could be cool but well … I won’t ask you to change all the script just for that.

personal fun: 2/2
I really enjoyed playing the game and have something that doesn’t show girls as b*tches or crying ladies but as people with their goal, their problem issues, their strength and their dreams.
Emotion was here too:
I laughed a lot each time Sango and Ren teased the boy when he doubted of his feelings.
I also had some tears for Sango when the info was released or for the singer when she had to quit early.
Less balls for more heart. I’m for.
(I’m just sad we can’t date Ren but oh well, I guess she’s just not interested or prefer avoiding that kind of relationship with a colleague)
To conclude, It’s a really cool visual novel with really friendly and lively girls. Just sad they don’t regroup more.
Cool graphism and a cool but maybe not adapted soundtrack.
Looking forward the next version of the game. keep the good work

Some bug I’ve spotted here:
- Chapter 5 ice chef: Ren’s body is a little too high, we don’t see her face.
- Chapter 3 flower girl: «? several tens of thousands? » there is a ‘?’ too much
- In pause, you steal can choose a respond during choices even if you don’t see the text. Problematic when you miss click the « return to game » button
- If you miss all interactions during the first 2 days, you finish with only Sango’s ramen but when you klick on ‘next’ or ‘previous’ afterward, you have an empty screen and no way to have a ramen back. Validating will start the last story you chose.

I did rika's story and I absolutely loved it, it cliff hangered me though right when it was getting good, do continue working on this I wanna see what happens in the next chapter, such a sweet story. I played through all the stories sango's was the best one by far, absolutely loved everything, also might become a patron to see the other 4 chapters later on, keep up the good work paper waifu :D.