Reviews for "Redraw(Version 5.9)"

Its simple but i like it!

e um jogo bem desafiado eu gosto desse tipos de jogos

Like the old times

The main problem with the game is majority of clicks don't register. All of your clicks should register, if they are on the button. Instead 9/10 of them fail to register, especially on later bosses.

So now the game is even worse than before with the early fire penalty in play, because as-is you'll need to wait until the right time and then spam-click and hope at least one of the clicks actually registers. You had to do this anyway, but now is worse due to the penalties.

If your game is twitch-reactive it needs to be extremely responsive, which this game isn't, and that is entirely the problem. I'm not sure why it's not registering majority of clicks, but yes this is what other people are telling you when they say they're clicking and it's not working, or this or that boss isn't possible.

Eduardo82 responds:

I'm trying my best to make this game good. The early penality was supposed to avoid people using auto clickers and i still don't know why the button is not responsive. just to make sure to you, this is the code that i put in buttons(I program with action script 2)
on (release) {
gotoAndplay(Number/label of frame) ;
It's supposed to be a normal buttpn script and in others circunstances in which i used this code it worked just as a normal clickabe button. I still didin't check the button's sprites
I'll make my best to better the game. I'm sorry that you didin't like it
-Ugly cat

nice game :D