Reviews for "Thincat Vs. Planet X"

That was great!!!

I really liked that. I can tell how much work went into that, I make flash myself. Great Job. You get a 5.

Fused02 responds:

thanks! yeah i worked hard on it

pretty good

Weird, I've seen this game here many times already. I'm surprised it hadn't been protected before. Anyways nice game, I like how you have the passwords where you can go back to the level you were on last. Good interaction for an adventure game.

That was pretty cool

Cool, dude, sometimes it was hard but platform games are cool


That is a well made game! I can imagine the complexity of the coding!

Fused02 responds:

thx so much! im glad you enjoyed it. its actually not very complex coding, but it just involves alot of movie clips, and somewhat basic action scripting, like variables and hitTest. im glad i finally got a good review lol

Not bad.

This thing is fun, I dunno why hasnt it been protected b4... so I'll protect it. Again, this game is pretty fun.