Reviews for "Thincat Vs. Planet X"

wow.... i never played a game so crappy yet so fun

i have nothing more to say about this game :)

Fused02 responds:

i wouldnt say its crappy, but yes its fun :D lol


Glad to see you finally made it through all the reckless blamming.
Adding the health was a good idea, I can finally get pass that lava now. :-)

Fused02 responds:

yeah i dont know why i didnt do the health in the first place, its much better now. glad you enjoy the game!


it was a fun game, but wasnt this submitted before? regardless there are some ideas that could improve on the game it was an entertaining one and while it has been submissted it was a decent little game

Fused02 responds:

yeah, and it did horribly because of the stupid newbies on this site who never tried to make a flash game in their life and they vote zero anyway

That was great!!!

I really liked that. I can tell how much work went into that, I make flash myself. Great Job. You get a 5.

Fused02 responds:

thanks! yeah i worked hard on it


That is a well made game! I can imagine the complexity of the coding!

Fused02 responds:

thx so much! im glad you enjoyed it. its actually not very complex coding, but it just involves alot of movie clips, and somewhat basic action scripting, like variables and hitTest. im glad i finally got a good review lol