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Reviews for "the curse of the mummy"

Reading the author comment right after the video made it perfect.

love it

I really liked that! The humor was nice, I really like how chill everyone is and how the wife just wants them to go about their normal business. The mummy was great as well, with his collateral and cursing. Speaking of the curse, it was great! I really like all the lines about everything turning into beatles and the car flying off into the sky. The escalation was great as well, with the burning eyes. The fact that one person did all the male voices was kinda annoying though. I really liked the mummy's voice. It had a great accent and I love how every day he is. The bank guy's insult to his pig-human hybrid coworker was great, too. The style was very nice as well.
Overall a fun, relaxed piece of comedy. Keep it up!

If this was actually an Equifax commercial, I'd be all in. Fantastic work.

Improved exponentially. Would not have expected it to get as good as it did.