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Reviews for "GWL Hayley Footjob (Commission)"

you put a lot of writing into this got me interested and read them all not bad for a generic visual novel lol.

You mean to tell me all those weirdoes interested in feet got headbutted in their balls by a wizard/magician/hypnotist in a supermarket? It makes soooo much sense now.

Oh, I've seen plenty of men chuck themselves into each other's balls. I think it was a dominance thing.

It's not a callback if it was in every installment of the series so far. It's a catchphrase now.

Official Foot Fetish forum? . . . IT'S REAL!!!! IT'S FUCKIN' REAL, MATE!!!!!!

Yeah . . . to hell with calf raises.

A Gingerbread man . . . I need to use that.

HOLY SHIT, HE ACTUALLY- oh never mind it's porn, of course he covered her like the frosting on a gingerbread man.

Then it'll be an allusion to next Halloween. Don't worry about the semantics.

"Referencing old Simpsons' episodes still isn't a substitute for joke or actual dialogue."
Noted, wasn't planning on it, but noted. "Don't take advice from a text box in a porn game."
Noted, wasn't planning on it, but noted.

No dude. It doesn't work. You can't mention brands ever. It's free advertisement. Why should they pay you if you're going to promote them for free anyway? You gotta cut off everything that has to do with name brands. Scrape it all off and throw it up on the market as ad space. They'll bite. They always do.

I can live with being a Loser. (I can also die that way too.)
And at that I have to wonder if the person that commissioned this was headbutted in the balls by a magician in a supermarket and cursed to love feet. My perspective in life is now changed. I must now be afraid of supermarket magicians for the rest of my life.
Nice work. Back to my loser life. *Looks North and T-Poses until the end of-*

Five stars for making me want to find out why a wizard headbutted a man's balls and put a foot-fetish curse on him. Good job there.