Reviews for "The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe"

awesome game!!

JeffreyDriver responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

I have been seeing a vast amount of new pixel horror games this year, and this one has to be one of the best ones. I honestly loved this game! My only problem is that sometimes it's a little tedious to go room from room searching for things with how slow you walk. Not that big of an issue though! Sadly, I didn't manage to find that last secret medal, but i'm sure i'll find it eventually. 5/5 Stars!

A little, yet shiny, jewel! I liked it very very much! Excellent work!!

es muy bueno, pero lo malo es que no esta en espaƱol :'c


I can't even get into the house. O-O Help me please
I can't seem to locate the missing fuse
Other than that, it is amazing 10/10

Edit: I find metal YAYYYYYY

JeffreyDriver responds:

What could you use instead of a fuse? Maybe something metal...