Reviews for "The Strange Disappearance of Eldon Crowe"

Missed a secret medal at some point in the game, not quite sure how or what it was that I even needed to do in order to collect it. Just my luck. Scratch that, just got it LOL. Very cool game, really enjoyed it.

I can't even get into the house. O-O Help me please
I can't seem to locate the missing fuse
Other than that, it is amazing 10/10

Edit: I find metal YAYYYYYY

JeffreyDriver responds:

What could you use instead of a fuse? Maybe something metal...

es muy bueno, pero lo malo es que no esta en espaƱol :'c


I like this game, although I'm not really a fan of how you have to be so precise with everything. Other than that though, it was fun.

great game! BUT found a glitch - i went into totem 3, after i already released the spirit, while darting away from monster, and now it won't let me leave the room & i'll have to restart