Reviews for "-NameLess-"


i didnt give it all 10s because u copied it but its relly cool

Envy responds:

I wouldn't say copy... The only thing i "copied" was the first melody you hear at the beginning, and after all... The intro is my least favorite part XD. Thanks for the review, and for the most part, the 10's o.O


Yah this is so much better than the original after i told you about it.. much better and you actually made it longer than like 20 seconds which is what most people would do when they make a good song.


Envy responds:

hehehe I still dont even know the name of the song... We'll have to figure that out XD

Just Dance!

This song makes me want to get up and dance, but then i remember that i cant dance. : )

love this

damn way too short lol but i love it, hypnotizing o_o


another great song by mattie