Reviews for "{A Change of Seasons}"

help me!

i want to be a littel more like you r/r that is a good start

cornandbeans responds:

hehe alright. :P my msn is cornandbeans101@hotmail.com if you want to chat. A lot of this is time and hard work, do don't expect to see huge results immediately.

thanks for the review, I'm flattered. :)


I like the sounds you have here. The melodies flow very well, and compliment each other extremely well.
Is that the string theory Vsti in the background? It sounds kinda like it. There isn't really anything constructive I can say here, because I can't find much of a problem with anything.. a slight hiss at the top of the spectrum, but it's not a big deal. Anyways, another 5, keep up the good work!

cornandbeans responds:

wooaaaa :D
nice ear, man! There's like 6 instruments playing at the beginning, so for you to pick it out, that's pretty good. :) The hisses are probably my errors during mastering... Maybe a little to many highs, eh? :P Thanks for the review, anyway.

wow nice!

this is like, 3 and a half songs going on at once.
very confusing, but good at the same time.
isnt that synth the same on, or at least similar to the one in the traveller?
has some elements of {sunlight} in it.
well im thoroughly perplexed by this song, so im going to 5 it and then go to sleep.

good job.

cornandbeans responds:

haha yea it is. :) I'm trying to develop a solid style, but still have room for flexibility. I tried layering the song a lot more; it gives the listener a reason to go back and hear the song in a different way each time.

Thanks for the review!


I agree - you are a Newgrounds legend!

Awesome Piece

I refer to this as a piece because songs have lyrics, or are just considered so. This is truly a piece of music, therefore earning the title of piece. As I listen I can actually hear the transition between seasons. Right there towards the end, at about 3:20 the almost flute sounding thing in the background... winter? Summer seemed the upbeat in the early middle melded slightly with spring. The way the sound transitioned worked like the seasons do, a seamless meld with slight accent points at the event of transition but not overbearing. All in all an awesome work.