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Reviews for "Comfort"


I think they want us to stick to scanned images and digital pieces because it relates more to newgrounds and stops people from being like, "lol I saw a dowgz :P " and then posting 10 pics of it. I don't think photos of paintings are a problem, but this might be something to bring up in the forums. Love the Cupcakes. ^.^d


mMm, yumy lol! just great man lol good work!


fricken kool


I wanna rub my face between them...Oh what a joyful mess that would be!


That is some very awesome art. Youre very skilled, and I like the concept. If only I had some cupcakes...
But really, well done if even just for the sake of creating something so lifelike. You should make an entire person made of clay! and then enchant it to come to life.