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Reviews for "Comfort"

Oh come on!

They're cupcakes!! Why is it rated adult when they're cupcakes!?!??!! That is just some retarded shit right there

Kalapusa responds:

You could also argue they are just straight up tits with cups underneath them. I'm sure if you walked out with your balls dangling free, having a cupcake cup underneath them wouldn't excuse you from indecent exposure lol ;)

I find it silly too but the other one I posted did get a notice for not being rated adult. I made a green penis plant (with pubic vines!), placed it in a pot, and it got banned from deviantart for being in an erect form (apparently extra bloodflow to body parts offends the lord). People claim I'm the weird one but I don't get what the big deal is about fussing over natural things we are all very familiarized with.


I wanna rub my face between them...Oh what a joyful mess that would be!


id open a bakery if you'd send me molds fer those

i love it!

how did you do it?


best cupcakes in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!xD