Reviews for "Comfort"

OMG lol

You should make real boob cupcakes that have a cherry filling so that when you take a bite it bleeds XD

Nasty gross

ITS GROSS'N DISgusting!!!

Looks real as hell!

I would love to take a bite of those cupcakes!

Oh dear god

Okay, imagine a hand. Fine, right? Now imagine it off of a person. Less fine. The principle applies here. Without the rest of the body, these are some fucked up pastries. Repulsively well done, though.

Kalapusa responds:

Thanks! I get what you mean. I made potted green thumbs a while back and the results disturbed even me, so yeah, I get ya.

Breast Cupcakes Ever!

you should open a bakery but panic if you leave a male worker with a batch and then find white "icing" on top of the batch