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Reviews for "Firestarter"

I like the anime art and the game overall looks decent but the music kinda sucks and the gameplay isn't as fun beyond the first few tries, the domino effect is cool but its nothing more than a green lightshow

SilverwareGames responds:

The goal was to make something you could play and burn your worries away so a green lightshow is not so bad imo. I love games like Tetris and Luminies which are all about getting a high score in a sort of zen way, though we'd love to do more with the premise at some point. Thanks for playing.

Great artwork, nice music, not my kinda game. I grew tired of it quick and wish i could of used my directional pad instead of my mouse.

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks for playing. We would love to make a little plastic handheld with a diagonal D-PAD to move around, but I know nothing about how to make hardware!

Extremely basic and repetitive mechanics.
No real objective in this game.
Not fun.

SilverwareGames responds:

This was meant as a FLCL homage so we focused on the source material and tried to create a game like tetris that was addictive and about getting a high score. We understand it's not for everyone. Thanks for playing.

well this was fun, if rather difficult. I kept being surrounded by only small patches of buildings as the population was getting very high, and not being fast enough to counter it in time. Not helped by me being unable to really get the hang of the way it "snaps" to tiles rather than being a smooth transition.
The only thing I could say felt kind of unfair was when the building would connect far beyond what was on screen, a few times I went from 90+% all the way down to zero just clicking on one of those swathes of buildings.
This game was a nice reminder of FLCL and how much I enjoyed that show. (and I must admit I lost more than a few games trying to look for Takkun in case he was in that part of the game.)

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks for playing! We might tweak it so there is a maximum burn size to prevent a giant burn like that. Takkun is not in the actual city per se...

The medals that required a certain score to obtain were harder to get than I thought! You gotta make sure you don't burn a bunch of buildings that are linked together if the population percentage isn't very high. That'll end your game real quick.

This was unexpectedly a bit challenging and I liked it! Good job!

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks so much, it took a bunch of tweaking to get the balance right.