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Reviews for "Firestarter"

this game has promise... you need to upgrade the graphics and an indicator on where the city is growing would be great, also a power-up would be nice

SilverwareGames responds:

Good idea, I don't want to do a mini map b/c one once fell on my foot causing me to stub my toe. However a little arrow pointing to the center of mass of the city would be a good. Thanks.

Well, the concept is original but its a little too easy and not very entertaining after 5 minutes of gameplay

SilverwareGames responds:

Not since Trogdor the Burnnanator has there been such originality, thank you. We want to add more, its just a matter of time.

*Art is amazing (The main menu is stunning)
*Really fun gameplay
*Well made

*Would like a Global Scorebaord with Newgrounds API
* you can just spam everywhere and kill everything

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks for your comment, we are planning to add leaderboards soon. Also if you spam everywhere you'll burn down everything and there will be no place to live.

The only reason I'm not doing a full 5 is it's easy to just spam click everything and burn a ton of stuff down without effort.

SilverwareGames responds:

If you spam you'll burn everything and that's game over. We are changing the game over screen to be a bit more clear about that.

I liked the overall aesthetics, there is still room for a lot of improvement here

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks, sayomgwtf did a great job with the art. We are hoping to add some things to make it even more fun so stay tuned.