Reviews for "Vac Jump 2 (Demo)"

Very addicting game. Had fun playing it. I got all the medals I can possibly get, though there are some I think I can never get.

It would be a good mobile game

radddbro responds:

It is a mobile game and it's free! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rkz.vacjump

Thanks for your feedback GLC1!

Quite enjoyable, but... after several tries the game got a bit "tired" for me and started to lag, making it a bit easier for me to time the stomps at the cost of more difficult handling, but nevertheless it allowed me to get the score I got. However on the game's normal speed some of the medals may be simply impossible, so you should:
1. Optimize the game (or maybe my CPU is dying? Hmm...);
2. Make it a bit slower.
Otherwise people with slower computers will obviously benefit from this fact.
As for impossible medals: I doubt if the pacifist one is possible at the game's current speed considering the fact that you are placed in a very close distance to the upper border of the screen making it basically impossible to react and avoid an obstacle while boosting.
I also don't think that the Vac God is possible at the game's current speed.
I'll believe both are obtainable if you will do it :-)
Oh, if you merged the best things from the first Vac jump and the current one you would get a very good game.

radddbro responds:

I'm going to try to improve the performance asap. Both medals are definitely obtainable because I laughed like a psycho when I finally got them XD.

Thanks for your feedback HerbieG!

An amazing game! wish you had the full game here and not only on the play store. (will probably download it later to my phone)

radddbro responds:

Glad you liked it!

It's decent, but I feel that it's just a BTEC version of Doodle Jump