Reviews for "Vac Jump 2 (Demo)"

An amazing game! wish you had the full game here and not only on the play store. (will probably download it later to my phone)

radddbro responds:

Glad you liked it!

It would be a good mobile game

radddbro responds:

It is a mobile game and it's free! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rkz.vacjump

Thanks for your feedback GLC1!

Quite enjoyable, but... after several tries the game got a bit "tired" for me and started to lag, making it a bit easier for me to time the stomps at the cost of more difficult handling, but nevertheless it allowed me to get the score I got. However on the game's normal speed some of the medals may be simply impossible, so you should:
1. Optimize the game (or maybe my CPU is dying? Hmm...);
2. Make it a bit slower.
Otherwise people with slower computers will obviously benefit from this fact.
As for impossible medals: I doubt if the pacifist one is possible at the game's current speed considering the fact that you are placed in a very close distance to the upper border of the screen making it basically impossible to react and avoid an obstacle while boosting.
I also don't think that the Vac God is possible at the game's current speed.
I'll believe both are obtainable if you will do it :-)
Oh, if you merged the best things from the first Vac jump and the current one you would get a very good game.

radddbro responds:

I'm going to try to improve the performance asap. Both medals are definitely obtainable because I laughed like a psycho when I finally got them XD.

Thanks for your feedback HerbieG!