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Reviews for "Falling Towards Death"

This shrieks amazing

You've restored all my faith in modern death metal. The riffs just reek of awesome, the drumming actually riffs. Everything about this song is perfect, and of course vocals would work well with the song. The atmosphere is minimal but whatever's there is awesome.


AngelsDontKill responds:

Thank you very much man! I love a lot of different kinds of metal, and Death Metal is certainly one of them! I actually am thinking of re-recording this song and actually adding in a bass, which a friend just let me borrow. I also intend to have a friend add vocals to this, but it's likely to be a funny song rather than a serious one. This submition was mainly for anyone who was looking for something metal to throw into a flash. If anyone likes it, they are more than welcome to use it. But thanks again for listening man, and for the nice comment!